Virtues and Vices of Geographic Information Systems:


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Table of Contents

Virtues and Vices of Geographic Information Systems:


Virtue 1: Visualization

Virtue #2: Data Integration

Virtue #3: Support Community Policing

Analytic Tool: Crime Pattern Detection

Analytic Tool: Identify Associations, Land use and crime

Analytic Tool: Concentrations of Events

Analytic Tool: Change Over Time/Displacement

Analytic Tool: Characterizing Crime Around a Location

Vice #1: Shiny New Toy Syndrome

Vice #2: Easy to Produce Misleading Maps

Misleading Maps

Vice #3: Getting Stuck in Descriptive Mapping

GIS horizons


Three dimensional Mapping

Vertical and Horizontal Pattern Detection

Predictive Models

PPT Slide

PPT Slide


Training and Software

Publications and Networking

Top Five Myths About GIS

Double-edged sword

Mapping on the Web

Getting Started: Major issues

Author: Elizabeth R. Groff


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