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Conference Management Services

The events produced by ILJ range in size and scope from large national conferences serving as showcases for federally-sponsored programs to small focus groups designed to explore emerging trends. In the past 12 years, ILJ has managed over 500 conferences, meetings, and training events nationwide for Federal agencies. In one year alone, ILJ managed over 55 events, including seven national conferences. ILJ has managed the Professional Conference Series (PCS) contract with the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) since 1990, having been selected as PCS contractor three times, each time through a competitive process. Other DOJ clients include most of DOJ’s Office of Justice Programs agencies (Violence Against Women Office, Corrections Programs Office, Executive Office for Weed and Seed, and others), as well as the DOJ Office of Community Oriented Policing. ILJ has also produced many successful conferences and events for state and local government (for example, the Baltimore, MD, Police Department and the Portland, OR, Police Bureau). In 2000, ILJ received an outstanding rating on an independent Dun and Bradstreet survey of 20 recent clients.

A typical national conference attracts nearly 600-1,000 participants; 150 presenters, including many of the country’s leading criminal justice policy makers, researchers, practitioners; and 30-50 exhibitors, many of whom feature live demonstrations of new information technologies and resources. Featured speakers have included the President, Vice President, and First Lady; the Attorney General and other federal department heads; and governors, United States senators and representatives, mayors, U.S. Attorneys, police chiefs, and other high-level government officials. Other events have included regional training workshops, symposia, grantee cluster conferences, and smaller meetings designed to address issues of immediate concern to public policy. ILJ conference products include on-site "cyber cafes" developed and staffed by ILJ; summaries of the proceedings and other publications (distributed on the web as well as in paper formats), agendas, books of presentation abstracts and speaker biographies, training manuals, and many others.

ILJ staff are the key to our success in conference management. Our includes certified meeting professionals and other  experienced meeting planning professionals, several of whom have taken required CMP courses and are in process for CMP's. In addition, the conference management staff is supported by full-time senior writers/editors, web designers, a other information technology professionals.

ILJ supports each event with a complete array of conference management services. ILJ conferencing staff typically complete the major activities listed for all conference and events assignments.

In addition to handling these logistical details, ILJ often facilitates early planning meetings involving several agencies or organizations, helping the client resolve differences among co-sponsors with respect to objectives, format preferences, audiences, and other details and developing the most beneficial mix of presentation formats (plenary presentations or panels, breakout work groups, "topic table" discussions, and others).

ILJ also offers distinct advantages with respect to speaker selection and agenda building. After more than 25 years experience in criminal justice, we are well acquainted with the leading researchers and practitioners in the field. Moreover, ILJ has an excellent reputation for supporting our speakers’ needs with respect to scheduling, preparation (e.g., PowerPoint presentations, other audiovisual needs), on-site support and troubleshooting, and timely processing of invoices and other paperwork.

Electronic Conferencing, Distance Learning, and Web Publishing

ILJ has all of the technical capabilities, equipment, and software needed to take full advantage of the Internet to plan and produce conferencing events. For example, ILJ can facilitate private, web-based conferences involving the client and various co-sponsors and advisors; conduct online, mail, or telephone surveys of potential attendees or invited participants to better determine their needs; and set up and facilitate listservs to help plan an event (or as a follow-up to an event to encourage continued information exchange).

ILJ, a small business, was awarded contract number GS-23F-0075L under GSA Schedule/SIN--738-3 Trade Shows/Exhibits and Conferences and Event Planning Services (under Marketing, Media, and Public Information). ILJ's services are available to all Federal agencies under this contract.

For further information about ILJ's conference management services, please contact Jocelyn Williams at 703-684-5300.


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