Online Resource Library—Community-Based Justice Topics

The ILJ Online Resource Library is our web portal to information resources on community-based justice topics. It includes ILJ publications and links to other justice and community resources. Please search the ILJ Online Resource Library by the topics listed below.

Collaboration-Tips and Tools

Brainstorming—Good Idea or Not

Article discussing tactics that bring out the best ideas and how to be more productive during brainstorming sessions.

Engaging Mothers, Teens, Immigrants and Other Special Groups

Article which identifies ways to engage these groups in community-based planning initiatives.

Facilitation Skills-Developing Facilitative Leadership

Paper outlining the role of successful facilitators, including strategies and tips for dealing with specific situations.

Icebreakers for Training, Meetings, and Other Events

Tips and tools including when to use icebreakers, things to consider when choosing icebreakers, and examples.

Making Alliances Work

Journal article which illustrates the five key principles of alliance management, an important factor in successful coordination and collaboration.

Making Collaboration Work-The Experiences of Denver Victim Services 2000

Publication by the Office for Victims of Crime which outlines lessons learned from an interdisciplinary criminal justice collaboration.

The Power of Vision in Strategic Planning

Paper which discusses how visioning exercises can help organizations successfully plan to address community conditions, including examples of visioning exercises.

Ways to build Collaborative Teams

Journal article that suggests eight critical factors that lead to success in teams and foster collaboration.


Community Capacity Building

7 Elements of Non Profit Capacity Building

Article defining the seven elements of capacity building used in the McKinsey organization capacity model.

Community Based Planning

Article discussing strategies and resources to aid communities in organizing and sustaining local criminal justice initiatives.

McKinsey Organization Capacity Assessment Tool

Matrix designed to help nonprofit organizations determine strengths and weaknesses in organizational capacity and measure changes in an organization’s capacity over time.

The Role of Social Capital in Community Building

Newspaper article examining the concept of social capital, a measure of how closely people in a community are interconnected, with a discussion of how this principle applies to U.S. reconstruction in Iraq.


Community Engagement

Engaging the Community in Project Safe Neighborhoods

Monograph produced by BJA which offers guidelines about engaging the community in PSN, including concrete examples from U. S. Attorney districts that involve community groups in a variety of ways.

Sustainability Resources and Tools

Clear, Hold, Build—A framework for Addressing Crime in Community

Newspaper article chronicling the efforts of American troops in Afghanistan to use a tactic called “Clear, Hold, Build,” in which the U.S. military strives to “insulate the public from insurgent tactics while demonstrating that the government has something better to offer.”

Community Wealth Generation for Non Profit Sustainability

Guidebook by Community Wealth Ventures on using the concept of generating community wealth (non profits reinvesting wealth into the communities they serve) as an option for sustainability.

Developing a Sustainability Plan for Weed and Seed Sites

Guidebook by Community Wealth Ventures on using the concept of generating community wealth (non profits reinvesting wealth into the communities they serve) as an option for sustainability.

Sample Sustainability Action Plan

Sample plan with action steps to take during the first year of creating and implementing a sustainability plan.

Sustainability for Out of School Time Programs

Publication by the Finance Project with examples of initiatives that have secured funding from diverse sources, while implementing complementary sustainability strategies.

Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool

Matrix for organizations to rank their progress in eight elements of sustainability.

Sustainability Planning Tools

A variety of worksheets to be used in sustainability planning.

Team PSN: Strategies to Enhance Public Safety Coordination Workshop Participant Materials


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