Comprehensive Management Studies

ILJ customizes each comprehensive police operations and management study to help small, medium-sized, and large jurisdictions improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their policing services. We have conducted more than 65 of these studies nationwide and offer excellent references from our customers—including many repeat customers.


Comprehensive studies generally last three to four months, with extensive time on site by ILJ staff. To perform this work, we use only experienced, senior level teams with expertise in police operations and management, civil liability, statistical analysis, and up-to-date research on “what really works” in policing. In addition to extensive data analysis and interviews, our approach may include community and organizational climate surveys.


Results include detailed recommendations, supported by analytical data. Specific issues addressed include staffing and resource allocation; personnel management (recruitment, training, career development, morale, etc.); information and communications technology; management-labor conflict resolution; management of investigations; drug, gang, illegal gun, and other enforcement operations; strategic planning; community policing; and revision of policies and procedures to qualify for CALEA accreditation.

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