Online Learning

As online learning has become part of the educational landscape, ILJ has recognized this opportunity for our clients and capitalizes on new technology available to support online education. ILJ develops online learning packages that create opportunities for our clients to share information with users across wide distances, strengthening collaboration and information-sharing, and allowing learners who share areas of expertise or interest to connect with each other.

Past Projects

Online Training on Law Enforcement-Private Security Collaboration

With grant support from the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), U. S. Department of Justice, ILJ developed a comprehensive, easily accessible electronic training curriculum for use by law enforcement and private security professionals. The basis for the curriculum is the report/guidelines, “Operation Partnership: Practices and Trends in Law Enforcement and Private Security Collaborations,” which ILJ and its partners produced under a separate COPS grant. The interactive training employs multimedia techniques to enhance learning, and allows users to create customized action plans they can use to create partnerships in their jurisdictions or strengthen existing partnerships.

Partnerships Against Violence Network (PAVNET)

Partnerships Against Violence Network (PAVNET) was developed after the Interdepartmental Working Group on Violence recommended in its report to the President that online information resources be developed to help state and local governments work against violence. Working in connection with the U. S. Departments of Justice, Agriculture, Education, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, and Labor, ILJ provided a variety of services in support of PAVNET, which was developed to provide information on promising programs, funding sources, and technical assistance resources for combating violence. ILJ staff wrote the PAVNET Online User’s Guide for the National Institute of Justice and an internet manual on how to use PAVNET Online. ILJ staff provided assistance and critiques for the developer, logistic support, and training in the use of PAVNET Online.

Sample Publications and Products

Most online learning curricula are designed for targeted use by specific clients, and are not available for demonstration. Please contact Ed Connors at ILJ for more information: .

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