Management and Operations

Combat Deployment and the Returning Police Officer

Webster, Barbara (2008). U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services. This report, based on an exploratory study, discusses psychological effects of combat deployment and strategies police agencies are using to support successful transitions back to work.

Training Evaluation Model: Evaluating and Improving Criminal Justice Training

Bradley, Kelly, and E. Connors (2007). Institute for Law and Justice. Final report to the National Institute of Justice. The research described in this report involved (1) developing a flexible training evaluation model and (2) testing the model in the field with four criminal justice training programs.

NIJ’s Locally Initiated Research Partnerships in Policing–Factors That Add up to Success

McEwen, Tom (1999). NIJ Journal. U. S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Justice, Issue No. 238, p. 2.  This article presents preliminary findings from a cross-site analysis of 39 police-researcher partnerships.

Restrictive Policies for High Speed Police Pursuits

Nugent, Hugh, and E. Connors, T. McEwen, L. Mayo (1989). Institute for Law and Justice.  This report to the National Institute of Justice examines restrictive pursuit policies in four jurisdictions and recommends four elements that should be included in police department pursuit policies.

Evaluation of the Phoenix Homicide Clearance Project

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