Computer Information Systems

Computer Aided Dispatch in Support of Community Policing

McEwen, Tom (2002). Institute for Law and Justice. This research report for the National Institute of Justice explores creative uses of CAD/RMS systems to further police agencies’ community policing objectives. See also, Executive Summary of the report.

Case Studies on Acquisition of Information Technology for Law Enforcement

McEwen, Tom, et al. (2001). Institute for Law and Justice. These 14 case study reports were prepared as part of a research project for the National Institute of Justice and address IT acquisition in the areas of CAD/ RMS, crime analysis and crime mapping, Intranet, criminal justice information systems, and wireless mobile data communications. 

Managing the Risks: A Guide for Improving RFP and Procurement Practices in Justice Technology Acquisitions

Dussault, R., McEwen, T., Guynes, R., and Wartell, J. This handbook intends to help law enforcement purchasers to effectively use RFPs and understand vendor expectations and right use of consultants for information technology systems.

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